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Welcome back Loyal Listeners to another jam packed edition of Falls Count Anywhere! This week DMac & RussD went it alone as Producer Zach tried to get some much needed sleep! However, this is far from uncharted water for our heroes and they put in one of the best editions yet!

On the menu this week we have:

Weekly TV (205 Live/NXT/Lucha Underground)

PROGRESS Chapter 55: Ally Pally Preview/Predictions


Mae Young Classic Round 1 Reactions/Round 2 Predictions

UFC 215: Johnson vs. Borg Official Predictions/Preview


FANTASY WARFARE: Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles, Pete Dunne vs. Marty Scurll

Wrestlecircus: Texas vs. the World Preview


and as always we have our WINNERS & LOSERS in the worlds of Professional Wrestling & MMA


Enjoy the show everybody! See ya next week.

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Welcome back loyal listeners to another edition of Falls Count Anywhere! Following a PACKED week of action in both MMA & Professional Wrestling DMac/RussD & Producer Zach are back to bring you the debates, jokes & takes on all the brands you know & love!

On the menu this week:

Weekly TV: (205 LIVE, NXT)



PROGRESS Chapter 54 Predictions (Post dated)

Mayweather vs. McGregor Talk

UFC News 

FANTASY WARFARE: Adam Cole (BAYBAY) vs. Finn Balor/Edge vs. CM Punk (Ladder Match)

Other News



As always you can find/download/subscribe and rate the show on Google Play/Stitcher/TuneIn Radio/Podbean & iTunes! Thanks!

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August 22, 2017

Volume 21: Brooklyn BAYBAY

ADAM COLE & ReDDragon are in NXT BAYBAY!

Welcome loyal listeners to an NXT: Takeover Brooklyn III centric edition of Falls Count Anywhere! Ya boys RussD & DMac took in what is being heralded as the greatest Takeover special to date LIVE from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and we have some stories to tell....

We break down and discuss this shows placement all time in Takeover history

Recap/Review and Preview what will come next for each match on the card

And of course give our Live and Recorded thoughts on the long awaited WWE debut of Adam Cole.

Also on the show Producer Zach joins us for our final predictions and thoughts before Mayweather/McGregor this weekend and we continue the Western half of our FCA Championship fantasy warfare bracket with two showstoppers:

The Future of Flight takes on the King of the Cruiserweights: Ricochet vs. Neville 

The Architect of the SHIELD takes on the current leader of Bullet Club: Seth Rollins/Tyler Black vs. Kenny Omega


This is can't miss stuff people! Thank you as always for listening. WE LOVE YOU 

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Welcome back loyal listeners to another edition of Falls Count Anywhere! Apologies for the late entry this week, due to travel and scheduling conflicts we were forced to work around some things but nonetheless we have returned with all of the news from the brands you know and love!

On the Menu this week we have double helpings of weekly TV:

205 LIVE (2x)




PROGRESS NYC (DMacs experience at the show/meeting talent afterward)


and as always we have our WINNERS/LOSERS in the worlds of both Professional Wrestling & MMA.

No UFC this week with Zach away and a ton of wrestling to catch up on but fear not! Our MMA coverage will come back with a vengeance for #Volume21 covering the final push towards Mayweather/McGregor and the latest news from the Octagon. 

Enjoy the show everybody! We'll talk to you again on Tuesday.

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August 17, 2017

Hot Tag Volume 9: Jeff Cobb

What was once lost has now been found! Welcome back loyal listeners to an exciting and somewhat unexpected edition of the Hot Tag. RussD searched for a weeks for this man and now we've finally found him!

"Mr. Athletic" himself; Jeff Cobb joins the show! Cobbs been making a name for himself in PWG, PROGRESS and HOH recently but most people will know him for his continued role as the monstrous Matanza Cueto on Lucha Underground. 

We talk to Jeff about his roots in Amateur wrestling in Hawaii, his time in the 2004 Athens Olympics representing Guam and his rise in the world of professional wrestling that we all know and love. 

This was a fun one and we thank Jeff for not only his time, but for making our search well worth the wait. 

Thanks Jeff! Enjoy the show everybody!

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August 9, 2017

Hot Tag Volume 8: ACH

Welcome back loyal listeners to a red hot 8th edition of the HOT TAG brought you by ya boys over at Falls Count Anywhere!

This week DMac had the pleasure of sitting down and going a full hour+ with one of the most impressive high fliers in the game today; ACH! We talk about his childhood growing up obsessed with wrestling video games and cartoons, his initial decision to step between the ropes, and his experiences wrestling abroad for both Pro Wrestling NOAH and NJPW!

As an small personal aside, this was a genuine pleasure to record. ACH was more than giving with his time and the stories and jokes included in this interview were a blast to tell and listen to. I loved recording this with him, and I know you guys will love it too!


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Welcome loyal FCArmy listeners to a SUPER SIZED edition of Falls Count Anywhere! Ya boys are back with a volume overflowing with content, conversation and exciting developments. We were without producer Zach this week, but have no fear UFC fans, RussD & DMac have you covered there as well.

On the Menu this week we have:

205 Live: (2:30)

NXT: (16:15)


PROGRESS Chapter 53 Review/PROGRESS NYC Preview/Predictions: (57:30)

EVOLVE 90/91 Preview/Predictions: (1:29:50)

NJPW G1 Week 3 Review/G1 CLIMAX 27 FINALS Predictions: (1:40:00)

UFC NEWS: (2:00:00)

FANTASY WARFARE: (Dude Love vs. Cactus Jack vs. Mankind, Chris Benoit vs. Minoru Suzuki) (2:15:25)

MUSIC MINUTE: #ArteMania2 Review: (2:27:15)

OTHER NEWS: WrestleCircus/CZW: Once In a Lifetime: (2:30:20)

and as always we have our WINNERS & LOSERS in the worlds of both Professional Wrestling & MMA: (2:37:50)


Time stamps have been added to each topic so you can freely jump to whichever bit you want to hear! Just another way to help you guys enjoy the show to it's fullest extent. Thanks as always for listening and supporting us, enjoy the show!

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Welcome back loyal listeners to #Volume7 of the Hot Tag brought to you by ya boys at Falls Count Anywhere, only on the Mat Madness Podcast Network!

This week is a big one. RussD & I have been chomping at the bit to talk to this man and he's finally here! One of the hottest stars of EVOLVE and the one true Vanity King of professional wrestling...Ethan Page is here! Russ talks to Ethan about his beginnings in wrestling in the backyard with his friends, starting his own promotion (That's still running today), and his love for all things pop culture/collectibles.

This was a quick, fun interview that we'd teased for months. We loved talking to Ethan and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

As always you can find us on Google Play/Stitcher/TuneIn Radio/Podbean & iTunes where you can like/subscribe and give us some 5 star reviews if you're feeling generous.

Enjoy the show everybody!

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The original trio is back and better than ever with RussD returning from his 2 week Hawaiian expedition searching for the elusive Jeff Cobb. We get a brief update on his time on the islands and then get right down to covering all of the brands you know and love!

On the menu this week we have:


PROGRESS Chapter 53 Match Card (Results now available)

ROH Queen City Excellence Results

NJPW G1 Week 2 Coverage/Week 3 Match Preview

UFC 214: Jones vs. Cormier II Recap/UFC News

Other news & as always we have our WINNERS & LOSERS in the worlds of both Professional Wrestling & MMA. The boys are back together FCArmy, and things will never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVAR, BE THE SAME.......AGAYN!

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July 25, 2017

Volume 17: All By Myself

Welcome back loyal FCArmy listeners to a slimmed down edition of the show! With RussD returning next week and no suitable cohost to be seen I decided the show must go on! I took the reins and covered all of the brands you know and love in the world of pro wrestling and coordinated with Producer Zach to breakdown UFC 214! It was a rough ride but we got it done for all of you!

On the menu this week we have:

205 Live


Lucha Underground

PROGRESS Chapter 52 Results

ROH Queen City Excellence Preview/Picks

NJPW G1 Week 1 Review/Results, G1 Week 2 Matches to Watch

UFC 214 Preview/Predictions

UFC News

and of course as always we have our Winners & Losers in the worlds of Pro Wrestling & MMA!

As usual you can find us on Google Play/Stitcher/TuneIn Radio/Podbean and iTunes where you can subscribe, like and leave us some 5 star reviews! All feedback is welcome, you guys all make this worth doing week in and week out. We'll be back at full strength next week but until then enjoy the show!


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